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For the Most Reliable PU Machine Brand
from the Korean Market

TB-H50~TB-H1000 TB-H2000~TB-H5000
The TradeBelt High Pressure Polyurethane Machine is individually designed for customer’s unique needs and easy-to-adjust data entry for various range of products specifications.

Output range is automatically adjustable for various applications and mixing ratio is also variously adjustable by two metering pumps equipped with two adjustable speed motors that operate individually by inverter, thereby allowing for separately metering components.

Perfect mixing efficiency is ensured by high pressure above 150 bar and 3-steps mixing.
The modular concept of TradeBelt high pressure machine features that each manufacturer can choose the correct equipment configuration and sophistication level to suit his particular moulding requirement and budget.
A choice of tank unit, metering unit, temperature control system, mix head and PLC controls can all be combined in a modular way to give the maximum configuration flexibility.

If Requested, TradeBelt will supply the customized model for other range of PU/PIR Injection Machine.

TB Standard Model

Model Output(g/sec) Metering Pump Metering Motor Pump Output Tank Cap.
TB-H50 50 ~ 100 Rotary Power C01+C01 50Hz/6P/3.5Kw/1100rpm C01(2CC/rev) 250L + 250L
TB-H100 100 ~ 300 Rotary Power C04+C04 50Hz/6P/5.5Kw/1100rpm C04(6CC/rev) 250L + 250L
TB-H500 300 ~ 800 Rotary Power C07+C07 50Hz/6P/10Kw/1100rpm C07(12CC/rev) 300L + 300L
TB-H1000 800 ~ 1500 Rotary Power C20+C20 50Hz/4P/18kw/1100rpm C20(33CC/rev) 500L + 500L
TB-H2000 1500 ~ 2500 Rotary Power C38+C38 50Hz/4P/33kw/1100rpm C38(62CC/rev) 1000L + 1000L
TB-H3000 2500 ~ 3500 Rotary Power P56+P56 50Hz/4P/49kw/1100rpm P56(92CC/rev) 1500L + 1500L
TB-H5000 3500 ~ 6000 Rotary Power P76+P76 50Hz/4P/67kw/1100rpm P76(125CC/rev) 2000L + 2000L


  • Insulation Materials : Refrigerator, Vacuum Bottle, Electronic Jar, Ice Box, Refrigerated Container Pipe Cover, Freezer, Chest Refrigerator,
  • Building Materials : Sandwich Panel, Siding Panel, Heat Retardant Door, Panel and Door Sealing
  • Synthetic Wood and Arts Crafts Goods : Furniture Parts, Chair, Table, Picture Frame, Doll, Toy, Watch Frame, Audio Equipment, Office Equipment
  • Automotive Parts : Seat Cushion, Instrument Panel, Head Rest, Arm Rest, Console Box, Steering Wheel, Bumper, Bumper Protector, Engine
  • Others : Air Cleaner, Filter, Sealing for goods, Racket, Packaging, Ski, Surfboard, Tackle,