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Trade Belt Fully-Equipped
PU/PIR Low Pressure Injection Machine

TradeBelt low pressure machines are designed for various purposes by two- component, POLYOL and ISOCYANATE recirculation mode. These machines cover most applications for processing polyurethane (filling, casting, injecting and with accurate metering and efficient mixing. TradeBelt Low Pressure PU machine is a compact polyurethane processing unit capable of easy-to install, access and maintain.
It has also been guaranteed to accurately meter, mix and dispense by our customers. Out machine consists of two work tank, two variable speed metering pump systems, a mixing head designed to dispense the two components into a mixing chamber by on-ratio mechanism, and electrically (or Pneumatically) driven dynamic mixer / Static Mixer, a solvent flushing system, a dry air or nitrogen material blanketing system, a material temperature control system, and an electrical control system. (whole module is available for customizing)

TB Standard Model

Model Output(g/sec) Pump Model Pump Capacity Metering Motor
TB-L50 50 ~ 100 Y P 10-2.5 2.43CC/rev 50Hz/6P/1.5Kw/250rpm
TB-L100 100 ~ 300 Y P 10-7 7.04CC/rev 50Hz/6P/7.5Kw/300rpm
TB-L500 300 ~ 800 Y P 15-12 12.02CC/rev 50Hz/6P/15Kw/300rpm
TB-L1000 800 ~ 1500 S P 25-32 32.9CC/rev 50Hz/4P/30kw/500rpm
TB-L2000 1500 ~ 2500 S P 25-63 63.4CC/rev 50Hz/4P/55kw/600rpm
TB-L50 2500 ~ 4000 S P 30-100 99.8CC/rev 50Hz/4P/75kw/800rpm


  • Insulation Materials : Refrigerator, Vacuum Bottle, Electronic Jar, Ice Box, Refrigerated Container Pipe Cover, Freezer, Chest Refrigerator,
  • Building Materials : Sandwich Panel, Siding Panel, Heat Retardant Door, Panel and Door Sealing
  • Synthetic Wood and Arts Crafts Goods : Furniture Parts, Chair, Table, Picture Frame, Doll, Toy, Watch Frame, Audio Equipment, Office Equipment
  • Automotive Parts : Seat Cushion, Instrument Panel, Head Rest, Arm Rest, Console Box, Steering Wheel, Bumper, Bumper Protector, Engine
  • Others : Air Cleaner, Filter, Sealing for goods, Racket, Packaging, Ski, Surfboard, Tackle,