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Daily & Storage Tanks
by the Korean Reliable Raw Materials
& Metal Working Technology

TB-H2000 ~ TB-H5000 Daily Tanks TB-H50 ~ TB-H1000 Daily Tanks
TradeBelt Daily Tanks are mainly made of Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel.

Basic Features

  • Removable top for easy maintenance. Liquid levels visible from the outside via sight tube.
  • Automatic alarm system for feeding from drum tank.
  • Standard pressure relief safety system.
  • Separate check valves are provided to isolate the isocyanate and polyol air streams in order to prevent chemical contamination.
  • Temperature Control System : Double-jacketed tank makes targeted temperature to maintain precisely by hot and cold water circulation and heat exchanger for even finer temperature control.
  • Customer doesn't need to choose optional chiller for ideal configuration according to his unique weather.