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The Korean PU Injection Machin and PU Foam Priducts Production by Excellent PU Foam Quality

TradeBelt PU Injection Machine has been guaranteed in the Korean Market for various types of PU Foam Products such as Flexible, Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Integral Skin Foam Products.

TradeBelt PU Injection Machine is mainly assembled by Guaranteed Mixing Head, Metering Section, Daily Tanks and Electric Control System.

Our main customers are main suppliers of PU Products for Hyundai & Kia Motor Group.
TradeBelt has Good Turnkey Project System for the Following Production Lines.
  • PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Semi Continuous Production Line for All Types of Sandwich Panels such as Concealed Joint/InjerLock Joint/CamLock Joint Wall(Cold Store Panel), Trapezoidal Roof, Tiled Roof, Full Side Bending Door, Sectional Door and Structural Insulated Panel(SIP) and All Other Available Sandwich Panel of Flexible Skin & Rigid Skin.
  • PU Wall & Roof Sandwich Panel Continuous Production Line
  • PU/PIR Cold Store Panel Production Line
  • PU/PIR Cabinet/Chest Refrigerator Panel Production Line
  • Faux Wood Products Production Line
  • PU/PIR Fireproof Door Production Line
  • Newly Developed PU/PIR Products Production Line(TradeBelt is fully Ready to Discuss & Present the Proper Solution necessary for Newly Designed Production Mechanism)