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Trade Belt Fully Equipped
Low Pressure Mixing Head

The unique TradeBelt mechanical mix head assures the accrute mixing and dispensing of the polyol and isocyanate components and it is also ideal for dispensing from 10 to 800 g/sec.
Interchangeable dispense port orifices and metering pump establish dispense pressures.
Adjustable pressure balance screws allow each recycle pressure to be matched to its respective dispense pressure and a gear-type mixer and nozzle are supplied with head.
×Optional Equipment available such as Drum Pump Transfer system, Water Chiller and Automatic Solvent Flush & Air Purge and the like.

TB Standard Model

Model Impeller Impeller Drive Outlet Hole
TB-L50 Ø25×50mm(L) ~ Ø30×70mm(L) 50Hz/2P/0.75Kw/3600pm Ø5mm~Ø10mm
TB-L100 Ø40×90mm(L) ~ Ø50×95mm(L) 50Hz/2P/0.75Kw/3600rpm Ø12mm~Ø16mm
TB-L500 Ø60×110mm(L) ~ Ø70×140mm(L) 50Hz/2P/2.2Kw/3600rpm Ø16mm~Ø18mm
TB-L1000 Ø60×130mm(L) ~ Ø70×150mm(L) 50Hz/2P/2.2kw/3600rpm Ø18mm~Ø23mm
TB-L2000 Hyd Middle Pressure Ø45×125mm(L) 50Hz/2P/3.5kw/3600rpm Ø23mm~Ø32mm
TB-L3000 HYD Middle Pressure Ø50×150mm(L) 50Hz/2P/3.5kw/3600rpm Ø32mm~Ø45mm