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Korea-Japan Combination Technology
for Low Pressure Metering System

Japan Shimadzu Gear Pump Series
TradeBelt has worked with German Beinlich Gear Pump Group, DST Magnetic Coupling, VSE Flow Meter and Hyundai(or SamYang) Electric Drive Motor and VSE Flow Meter for a Stable Flow Regulation and Output Calibration.

Each metering system is a precision Positive Displacement, Gear Feeding pump by a variable speed motor for adjustment of output and mixing ratio control. The Trade Belt metering system has been field proven and accepted to perform with accuracy and repeatability well within the tolerances generally required by customers specifications.

2. PU/PIR Low Pressure Metering Assembly

German VSE Gear Screw Flow Meter2
TradeBelt PU/PIR Low Pressure Turnkey Metering System consists of German Beinlich Specialized Gear Metering Pump, DST Magnetic Coupling + Canister, HBE Bell Housing and Korean Hyundai, SamYang or German Lammers Motor.

This Assembly has been guaranteed in the Global Market for a long time.

TB Standard Metering Section Line-up

Output(g/sec) Pump Model Pump Capacity Metering Motor
50 ~ 100 Y P 10-2.5 2.43CC/rev 50Hz/6P/1.5Kw/250rpm
100 ~ 300 Y P 10-7 7.04CC/rev 50Hz/6P/7.5Kw/300rpm
300 ~ 800 Y P 15-12 12.02CC/rev 50Hz/6P/15Kw/300rpm
800 ~ 1500 S P 25-32 32.9CC/rev 50Hz/4P/30kw/500rpm
1500 ~ 2500 S P 25-63 63.4CC/rev 50Hz/4P/55kw/600rpm
2500 ~ 4000 S P 30-100 99.8CC/rev 50Hz/4P/75kw/800rpm